Gown Preservation

What is it?   Preservation is maintaining the quality and appearance of a gown through customized cleaning and appropriate storage.
How it works?   Upon receiving your garment, preservation specialists will examine it thoroughly and identify any stains, paying special attention to those areas you marked with the stain stickers provided. We will hand treat and clean each garment individually. We take precautions to protect delicate beads, embroidery and lace during the cleaning processes.

After cleaning, your garment is steamed, examined again and prepared for preserving in our special acid neutral packaging.

The final step is to shrink wrap the finished package. This helps protect against moisture, mildew and other elements that could penetrate the box. The preserved box will have a clear display window so you can view your beautifully preserved garment.

Why do it?   Preservation is a fab idea for any bride that has a couture-quality gown and is recommended if the gown will not be used for more than three years. If a dress is not going to be worn ever again, it may seem silly to save it, but consider the time, love, and money you have invested in choosing a gown for your wedding.
What is included?  

● Cleaning & preservation of your gown plus 3 accessories

● Tracking System with Email Updates on Shipping Status

● Over 45 Years of Professional Garment Care Expertise

● Free Round Trip Shipping

● Lifetime Certificate of Guarantee

● Garment Wrapped in Acid-free Tissue Paper

● Unique, Personalized Preservation Chest

● Shrink Wrapped to Seal Out Moisture

● 60 Day Guarantee of Satisfaction

● Up to $500 in Insured Value

● Steam Pressing of Your Gown

Shelf life   With professional gown preservation, you can freely remove the gown from the archival box without fear of damaging it in any way--just wear the gloves so the oil from your hands does not get on the fabric, and repack it carefully when you're done. Many preservationists claim the gowns will keep for 50-70 years, and some companies even offer a warranty.
Cost   Through Premier Preservation, Jasmine Galleria offers a gown preservation package for $189.00. After becoming a Jasmine Bride, you automatically save $20 and the serive is offered at the cost of $169.00
Turn Around Time   Your gown will be handled with upmost care and will be ready for pick-up 2-10 weeks from the day we receive it.